Saint John’s Anglican Church

Chandler, Arizona

Catholic Faith

Apostolic Order

Sacramental Worship

Evangelical Witness



For the Children

Bible Coloring Pages -- Old and New Testament coloring pages, along with other non-Biblical pages and games are available here

Christian Games Online -- A wide range of games to be played online, or downloaded and printed

For Bible Study

Blue Letter Bible -- access scripture (in several versions), commentaries, and study tools
Audio Bible, KJV -- Narrated by Alexander Scourby
Hypertext Spanish Bible

Christian Classics Ethereal Library -- search scripture and church father on study topics

For Personal Devotions

1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP) -- Online version of the complete BCP
Libro de Oración Común (Spanish 1928 BCP)

1940 Hymnal (Oremus Hymnal) -- Access to the music and words of most the hymns from the 1940 Hymnal
Cyberhymnal -- nearly 6,000 hymns avail from many sources, listed here alphabetically by title

Keeping up with the news

The Messenger Journal -- from the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC)

The Christian Challenge -- an independent publication providing a broad scope of news in and outside of the "official" Anglican Communion

VirtueOnline -- A voice for global orthodox Anglicanism

The Prayer Book Society of the USA -- Promotes the use of the traditional Books of Common Prayer